The Most Effective Resistance Against Nazis And The Holocaust?

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Antavius Smith Mrs. Rawson AP English Composition 23 April 2016 Which Countries or Groups Showed the Most Effective Resistance Against Nazis and the Holocaust? Many events in the world have been documented in our history books, but sometimes forgotten. However, the reminisce of events that took place during the Holocaust are the ones that are never forgotten. Neither should the groups and countries that showed resistance towards Hitler. Because of the antipathy towards Hitler 's regime, resistance towards Nazi’s and the Holocaust was a combined effort from many different groups and countries, through many different means. Some resistances showed more effective and immediate results through direct revolt towards the Holocaust: Warsaw…show more content…
Because of religious belief, people took to direct action. Although some argue that a resistance that wasn 't physical wouldnt be effective, if von Moltke message diffused, and if Hitler 's Germany were to see how immoral and inhumane they were becoming, Holocaust 's would never survive. “Von Moltke, by contrast, knew that the greatest threat to Hitler 's regime was not necessarily violence or deception, but a revolt of the conscience, a personal rejection of evil.” Macintyre, Ben. “Heroes of the Moral Resistance against Hitler; We Forget in the Retelling of History That Germans Opposed to the Nazis Were Motivated by a Powerful Religious Impulse.” The Times [London, England], 5 Jan. 2010, p. 22.Global Issues in Context In addition to non-violent resistances, some groups showed more effective and immediate results through direct revolt towards the Holocaust. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was one of the largest revolts. Jews were forced into walled ghettos where eventually, the Germans transported large numbers of people from the ghetto into “labor camps” but always ended up being just a place where Jews were killed. In Warsaw, during the beginning, the revolt started out small, however, the uprising grew and was the largest and symbolically the most important Jewish resistance as it inspired other urban uprising in ghettos. “...Jewish Fighting Organization had about 600 volunteers; the Jewish Military Association had about 400, and there
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