The Most Enduring Phenomena Spawned The Great War Created A Literal Response

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“No man, however brave, can advance against a sheet of bullets from the front and a shower of shells from overhead - it appears to me that the side who will win will be the one who can supply the last man.” - Front-Line Soldier Harry Drinkwater.
On 21st October 1915, ladies and gentlemen, board of the ‘Poetry Now Festival’, you and I, have enlisted in the Artists ' Rifles Officers ' Training Corps. As honourable soldiers we’re aware that as time passes, our imaginative existence has changed dramatically by a number of traumatic experiences. We, are ALL Wilfred Owen. One of the most enduring phenomena spawned The Great War created a literal response which evoked from its immediate participants, the soldiers. Owen writes with intense focus on war as an extraordinary human experience. The poems also document other experiences, such as human cruelty and suffering which are carefully structured to convey meaning, and through the use of figurative language conveying the sights and sounds of the battlefield and of trauma. With reference to ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’, ‘The Next War’ and ‘Anthem Of Doomed Youth’, Owen’s intention were to arouse an awareness of the fluctuations of fortune and mood during war and to promote an understanding that a these shifts were reflected in an enormous body of literature. Owen successfully portrays the relationship between the changing perceptions of authority/government, as the young soldiers begin to feature in the delightful and

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