The Most Essential Organ Of Human Beings Essay

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Doubtless, the heart was considered the key to the resurrection and eternal life in Ancient Egypt. It was known as ib in hieroglyphs referring to the consciousness, perception, conscience and mind of any person. It was also the source of thinking, feelings and wish. It is very important to mention that the word ib or indicated to the heart in the old times and later on it referred to the chest HAty . It was also used as a verb means to want or to wish. It was the first and the most essential organ of the human body which giving life to it as well as it was followed by all other organs and limbs. It was equal with its owner and that was the reason of leaving it inside the body after death rather than other organs. Moreover, heart was used as an amulet to provide the deceased with protection during his life and to act instead of the original element in the hereafter because since the First Intermediate Period amulets taking the forms of human beings ' elements started to be used.
The current research was dedicated to shed light on heart and its symbolism in Ancient Egyptian conception. To study the importance of heart in Ancient Egyptian religion. To focus on the representation of heart in both daily and funerary scenes like heart necklace which is represented either worn by the tomb owner or offered to him in Sheikh Abd El Qurna private tombs. To spot light on the religious symbolism of the different colors and numbers of heart in the scenes decorating the
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