The Most Essential Stage Of My Adolescent Years Essay

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Going into college, I viewed it as the most essential stage of my adolescent years. It is the chapter in my life where I transform from being a dependent individual into an independent individual in today’s society. I would learn how to decipher the problematic aspect of life while simultaneously molding myself to becoming more socialize and active within my institution and master my planning and organizing skills and most of all having academic success . The reason I selected those skills were because they are some of the features and characteristic I lacked to improve over my four years I high school. I wasn’t driven nor motivated at the time to actually work towards my short term- goals. Now that I am in college, I realize that these skills are essential to have a prosperous college experience. In today 's society being social and active with in college is a normalcy and an effective characteristic to have. Being social in college to me is just being able to have a strong or fair relationship with people in your class, resident hall, and especially your instructors. I know that these are relationships that can be very beneficial to my college experience. By creating a relationship with people in my class, if I miss a day of class I will have a reliable resource to go to catch up on topics that were discussed in class. The most important relationship I want to build is with my professor. Professors can offer a lot of career starting opportunities. They may know open
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