The Most Essential Trends in Information and Communication Nowadays

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With the Internet coming of age, the world, especially the information, changes with each passing day, and the trends in information and communication update faster and more efficient. To figure out and catch those trends is really important for people who live in such a world and want to know well about the newest information. In this research, I will conclude some of the most essential trends in information and communication nowadays, and explain why they are so important and how they are probably going to be. Method I did this research by reading scientific literatures. I started with the NMC Horizon Reports, from which I quoted some important trends mentioned in it, for example Cloud computing, wearable technology, etc., and got some…show more content…
To find a “best of both worlds” solution, now we have the Hybrid Cloud, which combines the advantages of both Public Cloud and Private Cloud, keeps the wide range of users and also protects users’ secret information. 2. Media convergence Multi-network integration. It appeals for the cooperating and integrating between telecom network, broadcasting network and Internet. Obviously, we can see the changes already happened around us in our daily life, but that is far from enough. Recently, there is a new word coming up: Multi-screen linkage. Based on the Internet, it combines the mobile phones, the tablets, the TVs, the computers, and if possible, the film screens, into a huge network. The same information can be shown on different screens in various but systematic and well-ordered forms, and you can use different devices at the same time to complete the information that cannot be shown on one medium. And also, interaction is one of the most important parts of multi-screen linkage. According to Nielson and NM Incite’s 2012 Social Media Report, lots of people like interacting with others by social media while watching TV, (Nielson and NM Incite, 2012) from which we can have an inkling of the multi-screen development. But at the present, this multi-screen interaction mostly stays in a very simple form. To advance the linkage, it is necessary for developers and broadcasters to focus on developing a practical and new way
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