The Most Exhilerating Experience of My Life

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One of the most exhilarating moments of my entire life was my very first time at a roller coaster theme park. Growing up I would always see commercials on television of children and adults alike having a sparkling Colgate smile on their faces and enjoying themselves, so when my family decided we were going to Islands of Adventure for vacation. I was like a child who just received a cookie out of the cookie jar. Even though I was 21 years old at the time, I was extremely trilled. I packed my luggage like a stuff turkey on Thanksgiving Day and I was ready to take on this adventure. The night before we began our journey to Orlando, I didn’t get much sleep. My eyes were wide open like an owl most of the night, tossing and turning under my cloudy soft comforter thinking about what awaited me the next 24 hours. I have always been interested about what it would be like to go on a roller coaster, but I hated the feeling of weightlessness like a balloon. I even hated going on elevators, just the thought of all that force sent a shivering sensation throughout my body that made me agonizingly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, there was a roaring lion fearlessness within me that wanted to indulge on this endeavor. In the morning we pack the family SUV as if we were sardines in a can and headed out to Islands of Adventure. As we entered the entrance to the park, excitement was already overflowing me. From a mountain horizon distance I could see the enormously large twisting steel bar

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