The Most Famous Businesswoman Of The 21’St Century. Who

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The Most Famous Businesswoman of the 21’st century

Who does not want to be successful, to make money, and to be able to do whatever they want with their lives? At least that has always been my philosophy. It started already in elementary school when I realized that if you tore the stalks of dandelions into pieces and throw them into water, they rolled up into squiggles. This was my first business idea ever. Together with one of my childhood friend, I walked around the whole neighbourhood knocking on doors to sell these squiggles, and our profit was surprisingly good. We did not make a fortune, but it was enough with money to buy four bags of candy at the local grocery store. To make my own money felt terrific, and the craving to create my
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I have been traveling a lot in my life, and I have seen this type of salesmen in roughly every single country I have been visited, but I have never payed that much attention to them. From now on, I will definitely glance an extra time next time I see one - you never know where to find potential.
Furthermore, as written in the last paragraph in the story about Mark Burnett: “Successful storytellers believe in the strength of their ideas. They know those ideas won’t sell themselves, and so they work tirelessly at crafting and delivering an engaging story. If they get rejected they don’t give up on their idea, but they learn from it. They see ‘no’ as an opportunity to turn the next pitch into a ‘yes’. Mark Burnett never stopped believing in his ideas, and he never gave up. We worked his way toward his goals one step at the time. Part of his story reminds me of my own life. It awakens memories of when I first came to the US all on my own. During my senior year in high school I decided that I wanted to study in Florida. I worked for hours every day, for almost a year, to improve my english knowledge and to become prepared for the foreign placement tests I was required to take. Step by step, I made my way to Florida, and now I am here. If Mark Burnett managed to arrive to the US and succeed, even though he never took a single salesman class, then I can succeed too. Thanks to my involvement in Alpha Kappa Psi, I am starting to get a grasp about
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