The Most Famous Legend : The Legend Of King Arthur

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Since our youngest years, we are surrounded by various fairy tales, stories and legends. They all have something that attracts us. Some legends are a part of culture and everybody knows them. They all contain diverse literary terms, that make them more interesting. In one of the most famous legends in the world we can find plenty of them.

Introduction Legends are an inseparable part of the life. If we ask someone if they know any legend most of the world population will give the names of at least five legends. They have to be special is they are so well known. For example in the legends about King Arthur there are a lot of examples of literary terms, that enrich the story and make it more interesting.
King Arthur is one of the most popular legends in the entire world. There is many elements that make it a legend. It is full of kings, knights, princesses, and wizards. “With King Lot there came eleven knights and five esquires, so that he appeared in very noble estate before the eyes of all” (Pyle, 1991, 2). Kings had their court, fame and authority. That is why they were known, and a lot of stories and legends about them existed.
The part of the story of King Arthur took place in Avalon. This place was beautiful and magical. “I do certainly perceive that thou art no mortal damoiselle, but that thou art Fay. Also that this place, because of its extraordinary beauty, can be no other than some land of Faerie

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