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Austria Research Paper
Austria is a very beautiful place with kind people and a very good history in music. It is often known as the music capital because of the musical geniuses who have worked there, including Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss(biography). Some of the most famous pieces of music were written in Austria including Silent Night and Edelweiss. Austria is located in Europe and its capital is Vienna(Austria). Austria has one of the most stable economies in Europe. Austria has unique qualities such as its geography, history, culture, economy, and its current events.
Geography, Climate, and Location The climate, geography, and location in Austria is unique. In the East, there are hot summers and moderately cold
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She was an archduchess, and a Holy Roman Empress. Joseph II was another important leader. He was also a Holy Roman Emperor who tried to strengthen the Habsburg empire with his enlightened reforms, but his people opposed his changes very fiercely(biography). Austria had multiple big wars, but one of the wars they fought in was the war of the Austrian succession. It began on August 16, 1740. Frederick II of Prussia invaded Silesia, one of Habsburg’s richest provinces. His armies defeated the Austrians at Mollwitz in April 1441 and overran Silesia. This proved what the other European countries believed, that Silesia could not defend themselves. This ensured that the war would become general. Within a month, France had constructed an alliance with Bavaria and Spain and, later, with Saxony and Prussia against Austria. Maria Theresa derived her main support from Britain fearing that if France took Hegemony in Europe, the British colonial and commercial empire would be insupportable(britannica). Austria declared independence by concluding the Austrian State Treaty with the Four Occupying Powers.
Austria have a very kind culture. They have nice holidays, they have a functioning government, and they have good food. Some major holidays in Austria are Three Kings day, Easter, All Saints Day, St. Nicholas day, and Christmas. Three King’s day is a celebration that most Christians celebrate, but only a
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