The Most Hazardous Areas for Earthquakes

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I am glad that I live in Florida. This appreciation of my living quarters comes to me after comprehensive study of location and patterns of earthquakes that occur, firstly in the world and secondly in the United States. The most hazardous areas for earthquakes are on the coastline of the West, an island, and small pockets of other coastline regions. Closely linked to that Western coastline hazardous region are areas tapering off in risk. The closer one gets to central parts of America or to other parts the more the risk declines. This is particularly true in regards to the Northern and Southern regions where the risk is virtually nil ( HYPERLINK "javascript:ulinkPopup('','','800','600','location=yes,toolbar=yes,menubar=yes,status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes')" ). Consulting the map located on the Kaplan page, I see that Florida is on the East, a tail extending into the sea. It is one of the least hazardous regions (0-4%); the color is White. The USGS also reports on earthquakes around the world. It records the latest global earthquake data from the past seven days ( HYPERLINK
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