The Most Ideal Man Was George Washington

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Sacrifice cannot truly be measured for it lies within a person’s heart and in the actions that they commit. During the Revolutionary war in the New World,….the rest of the sentence. The Thirteen Colonies rebelled against their owners the mighty British Empire, the Empire on which the sun could never set would be rattled to its core by this small yet powerful colony. When the war for the colonies independence erupted a leader was needed for the rebellious colony to rally behind and unite under a common enemy and cause. The most ideal man was George Washington, the United States founding president. George Washington was born into a Virginia farming family in 1732. After many years in Washington’s early life his father passed. Washington was a mere eleven years of age living the role of a role model to his mother. Mary, George Washington’s mother, was a tough woman, whom maintained a decent life with the aid of her two children. George Washington showed great achievements in mathematics regardless of never attending elementary school. His ambitious ability to work well in mathematics caught the attention of a British Lord that was one of the most powerful in all of Virginia. While working for the Lord, Washington was able to take many adventures deep into the American wilderness for long periods of time. George was distraught with the unfortunate death of his half-brother, Lawrence, who often guided him after their father 's death. With Lawrence’s passing, Washington
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