The Most Important Achievement Of The World

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In all of recorded history, being the first to achieve something has always been a feat that would be highly contested. From the first circumnavigation of the world to the first to reach either of the North or South Poles, there has always been tough competition when it comes to achieving firsts. One such first was probably the most important achievement of mankind when looking towards the future of the species as a whole.
It was at the height of the cold war when the two superpowers of the world, the United States of America and the USSR were in a deadlock. The war was on the brink of no return and it threatened to destroy the modern human way of life. When a competition of sorts sprung up between the two to see which country would be the first to successfully put a man on the moon, all focus was redirected to what is now known as the "space race." In the end, the race was won by the U.S. and Neil Armstrong became a household name all over the world.
Born in Wapakoneta, Ohio on August 5, 1930, the young Armstrong was said to have developed a fascination with flight from a very young age. He had taken his first flight by the age of 5 and even before he could drive a car, he had already successfully learned to pilot a plane at the age of 15.
With a U.S. Navy scholarship, Neil Armstrong took up aeronautical engineering at Perdue University in 1947. Two years into his studies, Armstrong began to train as a Navy pilot. He then served in the Korean War in 1951 where he had a…
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