The Most Important Aspect Of The Modern World Essay

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Every object on Earth was either created naturally or by humans. Grass and trees were both here long before beings but the scenic park humans go to enjoy these amenities were created by individuals. The trails people walk on to the playgrounds kids play on have all been created by persons. This is such an abstract idea: that humans themselves are what keeps this modern world moving. A necessity for this world are engineers as their skills range from designing the parks and trails to producing suitable weedicides for the grass. The most important aspect of the modern world is the technology that is advancing it. The capabilities of engineers regarding technology that keeps humanity alive or destroy it are the abilities in which engineers can harness and manipulate energy. The energy sources include both renewable and non-renewable resources and are the vital backbones of this modern world. The Industrial Revolution which took place in eighteenth century Great Britain acted as a sort of gateway to the discovery and usage of fossil fuels today ("Industrial Revolution." Para 1). It was an increasingly developing time as the economic market took off due to new scientific discoveries and expansion of industrial jobs and companies ("History of Fossil Fuel Usage since the Industrial Revolution." Para 4). New energy sources emerged. Some of which included fuel and motive power (coal, electricity, petroleum, etc.) ("Industrial Revolution." Para 2). A significant energy source that
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