The Most Important Attribute Of A Manager

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What would you say is the most important attribute of a manager? If someone asked me I would say is the ability to communicate effectively with the staff, other professionals and customers. In this new era of digital media, we can’t forget to continue caring and emphasizing the skills of verbal and non-verbal communication in the hotel industry.

Communication in an organization is of great importance, because the result of this is that teamwork is more efficient it helps to have a harmonious work environment where misunderstandings decrease and best results are achieved in different areas. Consequently, we have high productivity in the same, which is summarized in a strong solid organization.
It is proved that nine out of
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Urgent issues can be handled easily if your staffs have good communication skills and behaviour, that’s why structural organisations are important in this industry.

The knowledge of good organizational design keeps effective, efficient and high standards of productivity that provide jobs and ensure their growth and development.
A company must have a well-organized structure with managers and employees who play an important role within the company, which ensures the success of this.

To organize a hotel-type company, is convenient to connect the necessary activities that allows to know the goals they have set, so that’s why it’s necessary to assign each type of activity for an administrator with the authority to supervise, and the establishment both coordination and horizontal and vertical communication within the organization.

“The nature of the hospitality industry demands a high level of communication with both internal and external stakeholders.” (Camillo, A, & Pietro, L 2011)

“The way the structure of a company often develops falls into a tall structure (vertical) or flat (horizontal) structure. Tall structures are the ones that we visualize a chart with the CEO at the top and multiple levels of management. The flat organizational structures differ in that fewer layers of management and employees tend to have more autonomy.” (Dana Griffin, 2015)

Traditional Structure

The advantages of
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