The Most Important Characteristics That Come Up Repeatedly?

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1. For each of the ads, what seems to be the most important characteristic to the writer? In other words, what was first mentioned? Are there certain characteristics that come up repeatedly? All of my chosen advertisements come from the same origin,, and as such each one contains similar basic information: a brief description of the creator (40 year old divorced male, for example), photographs of the author, methods of contact, and a 100-400 word blurb covering everything from the writer’s favorite hobbies to what he or she looks for in a possible partner. As the rest of the characteristics are not relevant to the prompt, only the last aspect of each ad (the multi paragraph description) will be discussed. Starting with the women, Brittany wrote the first profile that drew my attention. She began her ad with a few sentences pertaining to her physical appearance and age, perhaps to garner initial interest. Throughout her ad, Brittany emphasized the significance of developing and maintaining a “real” relationship and her desire for a “true bond”. Brittany also mentioned her preference for older men, but she made clear that no one would be ruled out simply because of his age. At no point in her ad did she once specify desired physical attributes or personality traits of a partner, nor did she discuss herself outside of stating her want for a long term, serious relationship. Next up is Angelina’s profile. Like Brittany, Angelina sought a long term
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