The Most Important Composers Of The Nineteenth Century

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Johannes Brahms was one of the most important composers of the nineteenth century. Although he is forever enshrined in music history as one of the three B’s (Along with Beethoven, and Bach), Brahms’ contribution to the musical world is far greater than just the letter B. (“Self Confidence” par. 9) From his works in orchestral music (such as his four symphonies, and concertos) to his piano, chamber, and choral music, all of these have had a meaningful impact the world of music, both in the nineteenth century, and today. (Sandberger par. 1) Johannes Brahms was born in Hamburg, Germany on May 7, 1833, to Johanna Nissen and Johann Brahms. (“Museum” par. 1)At the age of 7, Brahms began studying Piano under Otto Marxsen, and Eduard Maxsen. (“Museum” par. 2) At the age of ten, Brahms gave his first piano performance, and soon there after became interested in folk music, collecting songs, and folk sayings. (Forney 244) By the age of twenty, Brahms had met the composers Clara, and Robert Schumann. Their relationship would have a lasting impact on his music career and his life in general. Although Robert Schumann would only know Brahms until 1856, the friendship that Brahms had with Robert’s wife Clara Schumann would last a lifetime. Before Schumann’s death, he praised the young composer in his essay “New Paths," where he referred to Brahms’ piano playing as being one that turned the instrument into an “orchestra of lamenting and jubilant voices.” (Sandberger par. 3) Despite the…
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