The Most Important Fuel Of The World Is Energy Essay

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The most important fuel in the world is energy. Energy is the capability to do work or the power which can make changes in matter. We can use it in different ways in everyday life such as transportation, entertainment, communication, personal comfort, agriculture and manufacturing. The world will come to a standstill without energy. The best thing about energy is it can neither be created nor be destroyed it just changes from one form of matter into another form.1 We can obtain energy in a useful form by a system called Energy Harnessing Network. In this complicated system we extract raw energy in the form of heat energy, light energy, solar energy etc and then transformed it into fuel for example coal, natural gas, petroleum and electrical energy then stored it and use when needed. The engineers did a lot of work on it and successfully did what was think impossible in the earlier time. They harnessed energy in many different forms such as hydropower, solar power, wind mills and nuclear power etc.
There are two main types of energy that is kinetic energy and potential energy. If the object is at rest then the energy it possess is called potential energy and if the object is in motion then it possess kinetic energy. A well-known scientist called Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, formulated another theory of movement (flow) in view of kinetic energy and potential energy, which placed space as relative, though Newton was altogether persuaded that space was outright. An imperative
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