The Most Important Importance Of The Faith In God

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Faith in God is one of the most important qualities to have as a human being. God has put each and every one of us on this earth for a reason. We may not all know what the reason is, especially if we experienced a tragic event. There are many people who have strokes, heart attacks, cerebral palsy, brain aneurysms, and more, and not many people know why that event has to happen to them and at the time it did. But there is one person who does know, and that is God the father almighty. God has all of our lives planned out and has given a meaning for everything that happens in our lives. When people go through life with a disability, they will be going to occupational therapy sessions. At therapy is when they may open up about their faith and want to know why everything has happened like it did, they will want to know that God is still with them, and that God has a plan for them to progress so they can return to their normal lives. When I become a therapist, I will already have hours and hours of fieldwork that will help me in this aspect. I will be able to witness other therapists explaining the way of God to others, so I will be prepared, and know how to go about the subject when it comes up in a therapy session. In class, we have talked about internships and having to fulfill fieldwork. Participating in the fieldwork will allow me to follow an occupational therapist around for quite some time, then go on my own for a little while (with supervision) with the patients. As I
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