The Most Important Information / Key Concepts

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The most important information/key concepts we need to understand from these chapters are:
Chapter 7: The Human relationship is unique in many ways. There are people who we have the relationship by blood, and there are people who we choose to be with. The family came by birth; we cannot choose who our parents and siblings. People we met at work is the other group of people that we cannot choose. However, we can choose who our friends are and who will be our partners. "Being in intimate relationships involve exposure at times to strong emotional experiences that include hurt, fear, sadness, anger, jealously, loneliness, and love..." (Butaney & Chates, 2014).
This concept has been relevant in my life because I do not have a healthy
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There could be something that I can do to reconcile or try to communicate with my father in a different way.
Chapter 8: I love this chapter so much. "People who care for others have been found to have less depression and higher life satisfaction-they are more protected from disease and even death." (Napoli, 2014). My mom has been my greatest example and my anchor in life. The divorce between my parent is quite ugly. They have been divorce for over a decade; my dad still talks about bad things behind her back. I confronted my father that I know the exact reasons behind the divorce and asked him to stop talking bad things about mom. Sometimes, I will tell my mom what my dad said about her. She would not be angry; instead, she will ask me to forget about what he said and do not let it disturb me. My parent has mutual friends, and I thought my mom will be disconnected with all of them. Instead, she still stays in touch with them and even hang out with them. She is such a woman who has a big and loving heart!
How can I use the information in the chapters to help me with my daily mindfulness practice?
Chapter 7: Paying attention to the people who we associate with is one of the mindfulness practice. I have always try to pay attention to my family, friends, and neighbors. For example, one of my friends moved to Utah about two years ago. I was so happy that I have a friend that I have known for a
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