The Most Important Issues in the Nursing Profession

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The most important issues in the nursing profession Introduction There are many issues that nurses faces currently, but the three major ones are Mandatory Nursing Overtime, Legislatively Mandating Staffing Ratios is good for patient care and nursing, and Transforming Nursing Education. These issues are major because they touch on all the nurses and they are the same in the whole country. Having a mandatory nursing overtime is a major issue since nurses are forced to work even when they are fatigued, which could cause major problems for the patients and nurses themselves. Any fatigued person will not be able to concentrate on their work and their performance levels would be diminished. The ratio of nurses been less to that of patients is another issue, and it would be nice if the number of nurses were increased. However, this increase will also come with its own effects to the costs of services provided, which means that there is need for good legislation to ensure that quality care is provided and an affordable rate. The nursing education should be adaptive to the changing health care systems. Training nurses to be more adaptive, and to undertake more roles and not just nursing roles will help the nurses to work better with other health care professionals. There is also need for nurses to be offered more scholarships and education grants. This will increase the number of students who pursue the nursing profession. The failure of scholarships has blocked many students

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