The Most Important Learning Experience In My Life

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Every learning experience in your life is significantly important, even the old experiences you’ve had in the past can be extremely influential. One of the learning experiences that I have had in the past was learning to play chess. Learning to play chess was an important learning experience, because when playing chess I had to learn to think ahead. Learning to think ahead while playing chess translates to help me realize the importance of trying to be prepared for multiple types of situations as well being able to react and adapt to unexpected situations in life. Another experience in my life that occurred in the past was the AP statistics course that I took in high school. This class was one the most challenging experiences in my life, during this class it helped me to form better study habits and better my time management. Study habits have become a very important part of my daily life, because it has allowed me to properly prepare for my classes and other important events in my life. Time management has been able to coincide with the study habits skills I also picked up while taking my AP statistics course, in that it has made me focus on the things in my life that are most important and that I should spend more of my day concentrating on instead of wasting time on miniscule tasks. One of the more recent experiences I have had in the past was when I took on a summer job. While completing my duties in my summer job I was able to form valuable teamwork skills, establish
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