The Most Important Lessons Of My Life

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Cherish the One You Love
Growing up I have been around death here and there but have never experienced the grief or misery of losing someone so important and close to me as I did at this time in my life. In the year of 2008, when I lived on a farm in the Philippines, I experienced the loss of my dearest grandfather that greatly affected me and changed me forever. That year, I learned one of the most important lessons in my life, to never take a loved one for granted for I never know when their hearts will stop beating and lose the chance to say my last goodbye.
After a long and exhausting day of school I was set to take my, oh so exciting 30 minute walk home in the burning hot sun of over 100 degrees. Thank the Lord I had good friends who kept me in good company and made my walks entertaining. That particular day my malevolent friend who loved to tease me decided to join us. He always knew how to exasperate me and bring out the worst in me. We were walking, quarreling, and mocking each other about our flaws when suddenly a bright orange tricycle takes a halt near us. It was my aunt. At first, I thought she was there to just pick me up and end this excruciating of a walk under this gigantic ball of fire, melting me along with this schmuck who wouldn’t stop blabbering his mouth. As I saw the look on her face I knew something bad had happened. “Josie!” she called, pausing for a while. Then suddenly, “Your grandfather has passed.” I froze. I heard my friends gasp. I could feel
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