The Most Important National Security Threat

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Task: Write a 5-6 page essay on the most important national security threat facing your country today. First, explain what the national security threat is, including its root cause(s), and provide background information on why and how this threat developed. Next, analyze the impact and effects this national security threat has had on your nation and the region. Finally, explain how your country has reacted to this national security threat and how its response could be more effective. The main national security threat facing my country is the migration crisis. Middle East’s conflicts, especially Syria’s civil war have created an influx of refuges outflow. Greece is the main point of entry in the Western “Balkan Route”; migrants’ access trek to desirable northern European “destination countries”. This humanitarian crisis raises serious security concerns regarding terrorism and nationalism but also economic concerns as Greece is facing an intense financial recession. Moreover, this migration crisis tests the European Union’s cohesion to follow a mutual comprehensive migration policy, as each EU member prioritizes its interests and values in a different perspective regarding national security issues. Greece has taken actions to improve effective and safe access to asylum, protection and solutions, as well as manage migration in an orderly and dignified manner, providing humanitarian aid. Additional, both NATO’s sources contribution and the EU-Turkey agreement could make the

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