The Most Important Point Of Nursing Is Caring For Patients

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The most important point of nursing is caring for patients. It is equally important to apply customer service skills with taking care of sick patients. It is a demanding job that one should not take lightly. As nurses, we must communicate with staff, family, and medical doctors in overseeing the patients. When the family of a patient comes to the nurse at the same time, such situations can be very challenging to deal with. I saw many nurses have to deal with this type of situation on almost on a daily basis. I noticed that it could happen on any shift, at any time. Some would think that at night the nurses do not have to deal with family as much, but these situations may arise then as well. Professionalism plays a key role in how a nurse interacts with patients and their families. Professionalism can also go a long way with interacting with the public. One can be taught the way to becoming proficient in customer service and public relations, but to implement such actions is harder than one would think. I have worked in the retail for five years and have had my share of hard to deal with customers. When walking into a hospital I have to switch my mindset back into the retail mode in terms of customer service, but I am still a nurse. I have seen most of the nurses on the floor implement excellent customer service. I have also notice that the hospital is training staff for customer service. But there are times when nurses cannot always be customer service minded. They expect

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