The Most Important Starbucks ' Marketing Strategy

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The most important Starbucks’ marketing strategy is culture and experience strategy, supplying unique experience and sharing coffee culture. Starbucks thought 90% of feelings to coffee came from smell while 10% are from taste. So, Starbucks focused on aroma of its coffee shop, making sure that costumers would be attracted by coffee aroma once they came in any shops. That’s why no smoking there and no perfume to Starbucks employees. In this case, desire for coffee would be conditioned response from aroma and be core of customers’ loyalty.
All Starbucks coffee branches are elegantly designed, tastefully furnished, and offering classical music and fashion magazines, which differentiated Starbucks from its competitors, strongly attracting young generations of China who viewed western coffee culture as a symbol of modern life style. On the surface of it, Starbucks just changes its interior decoration, but the truth is it has already changed all concept and meanings of coffee, redesigning coffee from traditional consumption goods into new modern fashionable life style. Many people in China going to Starbucks are not aim to get Frappuccino, but to experience the atmosphere and culture, and to find their identity of new elite class. That’s why Starbucks became a high-end brand in China.
In China market, Starbucks claimed that it was “the third place” for middle class. The prices of coffee in Starbucks are almost two or three times higher than that of tea beverages coffee from other

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