The Most Important Strategy Used Is Communication / Education

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The most important strategy used is communication/education. The type being interpersonal as group sessions are held weekly. Over the course of four weeks, a lot of information will be presented to the participants. This will include documents on the projector along with handouts for individuals to follow. Below is a brief overview of what will be discussed each session. In the first week, an introduction will occur. Signs and symptoms will be discussed, such as chronic cough, chronic mucus production, wheezing, chest tightness, dyspnea, and/or frequent respiratory infections.6 A simple overview of the disease will be discussed. This will not be too detailed as most people may be starting from ground zero. Therefore, simple terminology will be used. For instance, COPD is a chronic lung disease that causes limitations in airflow that is irreversible. However, although the lungs and airways are damaged, all symptoms of COPD can be reduced with the proper care and management.6 And while there is no cure, symptoms can be controlled to improve the quality of life. Breathe Easy does this by focusing on the modifiable risk factors that can help prevent and help manage those affected or at risk for COPD. The second week will discuss the risk of contracting COPD as a smoker, which is the main risk factor for contracting COPD. Smokers tend to have higher occurrences of respiratory symptoms along with lung function abnormalities and a greater rate of mortality than non-smokers.5 This
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