The Most Important Subjects Is History Essay

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One of the most important subjects is History. Knowledge of the past helps from repeating history. There were awful rulers, and their subjects raised up and fought for their freedoms. If the rulers of today studied history, maybe they would be better rulers and not incite rebellions. Rome enslaved many people, but Spartacus was a great gladiator that escaped, gained followers, fought for their freedom, and is a hero to the mistreated.
Rome enslaved many people. Some of these slaves worked on plantations, others were gladiators, but all mistreated. In some parts of the Roman empire, they were starving to death. This is one of the many reasons that Rome constantly dealt with rebellions. There was a rebellion in Sicily by a slave named Eunus. He convinced others that the gods and goddesses were with him Rome defeated the 200,000 people rebellion after five years. Then there was another rebellion in Sicily by two separate people, Salvius and Athenion. Both had “special powers”, but in the end lost their wars. Rome crucified or killed them in the arenas. Some killed each other and committed suicide rather than face this fate. Rome was an incredible but a bloody empire.
Spartacus was a great gladiator that escaped. Spartacus was a gladiator for the Roman empires enjoyment. He was a Thracian, but his intelligence made him look Greek. There are many different stories of how he became a slave, however, it happened and he was in gladiator school. He escaped the school in Capua in 73…
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