The Most Important Tenets Of Human Sexuality

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When you begin learning about sexuality you are presented with utterly bountiful amounts of information.From the way our ancestors viewed sexuality to the myriad of STIs that exist, I am going to summarize some of the most important tenets of human sexuality. It is crucial to understand sexualities history and historical implications if we are to understand our present sexuality. The 19th century truly heralded in today 's area of sex and dating culture.One fact I would like to acknowledge firstly is; prostitution was completely legal in the 19th century(and since Americas inception as well), legal taxed and tolerated as a necessary evil, A far cry from today when prostitutes are forced to be criminals and must work in the shadows not…show more content…
The pill works hormonally; by stopping her eggs from leaving the ovaries which stop ovulation as well as thickens her cervical mucus which effects sperms potency. Some other forms which may work for you are IUDs, they have a very high user satisfaction rate & are popular with women worldwide. The IUD is a small T-shaped device which is placed into your uterus preventing pregnancy. There are two forms of IUD one form (Minera, Skyla)contains hormones while (Paragard) is made of copper which contains no hormones, for women like me who are hormone sensitive, the copper IUD might be a great choice.A Doctor must place the IUD inside you and remove it as well, it can be removed anytime but some models can be left in for up to 7-10 years. Studies show that IUDs may also have benefits against endometrial cancer & ectopic pregnancies as well! There are so many wonderful and unique methods accessible to a woman today, I have mentioned just a few but I would also recommend you talk to your Dr about NuvaRing, The patch & any other options they may bring up. As much as birth control can provide you excellent protection against pregnancy, one thing birth control (Excluding condoms) can not protect you from are STIs. STIs have long plagued mankind, gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes have been with sexually active humans for centuries. In today
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