The Most Important Thing About Assessment

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The most important thing about assessment is that it promotes dialogue”, Mary Senter is accurate because if we do not interact with assessment we cannot make corrections to our teaching practices and in turn correct student understanding. There are so many different ways to assess learning in students. These ways include but are not limited to: selected response, written response, performance assessment, portfolios, personal communication, and conferences. Each type of assessment requires a different type of dialogue from teachers and students in order to better the learning of students. Assessments can also be effected by external forces which are out of the teacher’s control, such as attendance. When those involved in the education field stop dialoguing about assessment the assessments become meaningless and useless for learning. Feedback to students is a good place to begin dialogue with students about their learning, feedback can be used in several but not all types of assessment. Feedback lends itself best to assessments including selected response, written response, performance assessments, and portfolios. Feedback need not be extensive notes about errors and mistakes; instead feedback should include questions that prompt a learner to better understand this or her own misconceptions. Performance assessments and portfolios lend themselves to rubrics, as a form of feedback, when given in advance students should anticipate the score they will receive; however,
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