The Most Important Thing Of Communication Is Hearing What Isn?

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The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn?t said.
-Peter F.Drucker
Ruzan Abu Sadah
School of Communication
Cleveland State University

Nonverbal communication is one of the most paradoxical areas of personal and organizational life. Due to that, it has a crucial role in improving organization communication between managers and coworkers. (RT Moran, 2014) state that 75% of managers? time is spent communicating either verbally or non-verbally, which indicates importance for exploration into how communication is used in the workplace. In addition, employees need to comprehend and master the non-verbal communication since it?s an essential part of working environment, especially while interacting with their managers or coworkers. Moreover, understanding non-verbal communication can contribute to the level of satisfaction in the working place. Therefore, one must improve nonverbal communication to receive higher satisfaction ratings in the workplace.
The present study examines the direct and indirect effect of managers? and coworkers (man and women, man and man, woman and woman) between Arabs and Americans accuracy in ?reading? non-verbal expressions. A study by (Kristin Byron, 2010) claimed women, rated themselves higher than men in decoding ability and, were perceived by both men and women to as better decoders and encoders of nonverbal cues.
Important factors that could improve the perception of nonverbal communication in work organizations are: paying…

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