The Most Important Thing You Remember About A Thesis Statement Essay

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The most important thing to remember about a thesis statement is it gives the reader your opinion and you are entitled to your opinion. You are also giving the reader a new article to read and allow them to give feedback if necessary. This isn 't new to me, for I 've done a thesis statement before and received good feedback from fellow classmates. What 's different is all of us were focused on once topic and had to come up with our own thesis on that assigned topic. It worked out well.

Thesis Statement Number 1: Judging A Book by the Cover

People who jump to conclusions without prior knowledge should be aware of people 's feelings and not make a big deal about it. It causes personal problems and judging can take a toll on people who are sensitive and want honest opinions. Today, there a re more than seven billion people in the world. Each and everyone of them are human and have a mind. They are entitled to their own opinion and have every right to express themselves. The hard truth is their opinion can be taken to a new level and be considered judging. Judging, or looking done on someone, is expressing how you feel about a topic in a negative manner. Whether is an artist 's book, an authors book or a plate of food. These things are judge without any knowledge. Judging mainly goes to people 's appearance, personality and interests. For example, a man named John looks down upon another man named Abel, even though John doesn 't know Abel. This is a ridiculous

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