The Most Important Things When Maintaining A Motivated Team

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The three most important things when maintaining a motivated team is to show them respect a sense of accomplishment and recognition. As a leader I involve all of my team so they feel a part of the development and progress in the initiative. My team often has insightful ideas which help make a difference in the company. When the team is involved and valued they buy in fast and resist less. This makes the process more efficient overall. Communication is crucial when motivating a team; in a business over communication is never an issue. By giving the employees regular updates on the progress of the business or project it gives them initiative. It stops them from feeling as if they are stagnant in the process. This type of encouraging…show more content…
No team will stay motivated to the process if they don’t have the tools to succeed at their job. As the leader I have to make sure they have the internal and external support to complete their goals. With team motivation one must address the poor performance in the team. With poor performance it can cause lack of efficiency in the project. Most important I must lead by example. If I want my team to treat each other with dignity and respect, I need to set the tone. If I expect them to be motivated and enthusiastic it is critical that I behave in this manner also. As the President and CEO my team looks to me for direction and guidance. What are the most important decisions that you face daily as a leader of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis? The most challenging decision I have to make every day is how am I going to help empower and change the community we live in and share. Helping to end the cycle of poverty is a constant process. We must reach out to every individual personally and find out what they need to improve their life and to keep them succeeding past their set goals. In addition, soliciting funding and creating long time relationships with corporate companies to show them the importance of being involved as a civic member. These are the decisions and developments I have to deal with everyday. In addition, I have to decide each day to live by example by being out in my community in any type of crisis and just
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