The Most Important Time For Words

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I believe that words are the most meaningful and powerful, as well as the most beautiful and deceitful, agents of self-expression. Words harbor the power and ability to do anything. Words protect human rights, allow people to communicate, and encourage the thought to transfer into the material world as tangible substance. Personally, the most important time for words in my life was in the midst of a romantic relationship. It was there that I learned the great importance and power of words and also the extent of word’s abilities to effect and bond two people together. However, I also learned the danger of words which would cause me to base my own self-worth and identity on words voiced by another soul. And as I lost the relationship, I lost myself. The first time I felt a genuine human connection with someone was when I met Aaron. We began our relationship as friends. It was a delight to be able to converse and be on the same level of comprehension and intellect with one another. Aaron and I shared a very similar wavelength which gave us the ability to empathize with and validate our similar sufferings and anxieties. While sharing hopes for life and confessing our insights on the human experience, our friendship blossomed. The beauty of words laid in our connection. We were truly in sync and it taught me the beauty and strength of words in love and mutual understanding. We both loved words, conversation between us would be non-stop and honestly kind of exhausting. Words
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