The Most Important Way Of Serving Our Country

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Unlike reputable and concurrent philosophers like Nel Noddings, Martha Nussbaum, Elliot Turiel etc., Gulen’s philosophy initially was not evaluated nor acknowledged by contemporary philosophers and academic institutions, instead his ideas was accepted by local people and put into action immediately by his followers. While the world has no shortage of educational models or theories, distinguished feature of the educational philosophy of Gulen is the fact that it has not remained in speeches or books only (Hunt & Aydogan 2007). The Number of followers and institutions steadily has outgrown its originating country,Turkey and spread around the world.unification can struggle against these. As ignorance is the most serious problem, it must be opposed with education, which always has been the most important way of serving our country.
Gulen in his speeches identifies three major problems for humanity in today’s world, our three greatest enemies are ignorance, poverty, and an internal schism. Knowledge, work capital, and Now that we live in a global village, education is the best way to serve humanity and to establish a dialogue with other civilizations (Gulen 2006). Hence as Mr. Gulen shared his beliefs, his ideas and his vision for humanity his primary focus has been always education.
Gulen’s educational vision involve not only schools, but also families, communities, and media. All major components of society must be aligned in the work of educating youth in all beneficial
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