The Most Incomprehensible Thing About The World

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“The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.”- Albert Einstein. Universe is a mysterious world that is incomprehensible to clarify. However, through intelligence, intuition and ingenuity, it affected Humans to perceive the uncharted world they live in and make it comprehensible. After the tremendous explosion, hundreds of billions of stars were swirling and interacting with each other by gravity, constituting a galaxy. In the midst of chaos, there was the Milky Way galaxy, our galactic home. Unlike a regular spiral, the Milky Way galaxy is a barred spiral that was comprised with two minor arms and spurs. One of the spurs, Onion Arm, contains the sun and the solar system. There are eight planets in our solar system and they are all unique. Yet, out of all the planets, Saturn, perplexed many astronomers with its discoveries. First and Foremost, the “chemical compounds in its upper atmosphere color, its cloud bands in subtle shades of ivory and broad, lacy rings that encircle Saturn”, captivated the astronomers with its charm. Although, ancient Greeks were able to detect Saturn thousand years ago, no one conceded that Saturn had its rings, until Galileo perceived them with his telescope in 1610. Indeed, the discovery of Saturn left its mark on the history, where astronomers had an abysmal quarrel whether it was heliocentric or geocentric. II. Historical Context In fact, the oldest written records validating Saturn was attributed to Assyrians.

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