The Most Influential Battles of the American Revolution Essay

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During the Revolutionary War, there were many battles that were fought, but there were a few that changed the result of the war. The battles of Trenton and Princeton were fought strategically. During both of the battles, Washington made bold moves that later impacted the army’s success. Another battle that was fought was the Battle of Saratoga, and before this battle, the Continental Army did not have a strong chance of winning because they were facing the powerful and well equipped British army. The Battle of Saratoga was the battle that completely changed the tide of the war. The Battle of Yorktown was the last land battle fought of the Revolutionary War. It was also the battle where the British surrendered to the Americans and won …show more content…
During the march to Trenton, there was a storm, so the Hessians did not send out an early morning patrol to look out for enemies. The storm also helped to hide Washington’s army, so the Hessians did not know they were coming.
Major General Nathanael Greene and Major General John Sullivan were two men serving under General Washington. They were both marching with Washington on December 26, 1776. Washington's plan of attack was to split his army into two groups in order to surround the Hessians. He and Major General Nathanael Greene would enter from the north, while Major General John Sullivan would enter Trenton from the south. Greene and Sullivan followed the plan, and the Hessians were completely taken by surprise. Both Generals moved into a position to surround the Hessians. Many soldiers started to abandon their artillery, so the Americans captured the abandoned artillery and used it to their advantage.
Some of the Hessian and British soldiers tried to escape over Assunpink Bridge, but General Sullivan led troops to the bridge and guarded it to prevent more escapes. The Hessians and British were now trapped. The Hessians who tried to escape through the apple orchards and over Assunpink Bridge were all forced to surrender. The Americans had won the battle of Trenton in less than two hours.
More than 400 British and Hessian soldiers escaped, and 106 had
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