The Most Influential Writers Of The Twentieth Century

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Through out Frank Kafka’s life he wrote many German novels and short stories. Kafka has been known to be one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. From Kafka’s writing he shows that what we go through influences in our life influences what we write and how we write and that sometimes the things we go through are so hard that we need to write in allegory. He was born on July 3, 1883 in Bohemia. He was born into a middle class German speaking Jewish family and was the eldest of six children. His two younger brothers died at a very young age and his sisters were sent to a concentration camp and were thought to have died there. After Kafka graduated high school, he was accepted to the Charles University of Prague and studied law. This is where he met Max Brod and they became very good friends. Kafka graduated university with a degree in Doctor of Law on June 18,1906. He started working at Workers Accident Insurance Institute in Bohemia. He gained several promotions through the years that he worked there but was also very committed to his writing. In 1917 Kafka began to suffer from tuberculosis that would require a lot of time for recovering. Surrounding him self with his family as he was trying to get better. In 1923 he moved to Berlin to try and get some writing done. This is where He fell in

Weir 2 love with a girl named Dora Diamond. However, Kafka’s tuberculosis worsened and he died on June 3 1924 (Stephens, Kafka’s Life). After his death at age 41 a…
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