The Most Intelligent Person I Know

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The most intelligent person I know is my friend, Min Lu. She may not be the most intelligent person in the universe, but she is definitely one of the intelligent people I know personally. Based on Gardner 's theory of multiple intelligences, Min Lu possess the logical- mathematical intelligence. She possess the logical- mathematical intelligence because she loved math and science, and her intelligence of both subjects are excellent than my friends and I. For instance, she always got high score in math class, and scored close to proficient on the SAT or ACT. I believe that her passion is what makes her intelligence in math because she love what she is studying and that’s what motivates her to keep learning and gain knowledge. Another example is when I ask for help on a problem from a math class that she had already taken in the past, she can think for a while and teach me how to solve the problem without searching the subject on the internet. Also, she is a fast learner and because of her intelligence on the subject, students in her class also ask for her help like she was their tutor. She had feedbacks from some of her peers that her teaching is very informative and easy to understand than the professor. Thus, she always impressed me with her attitude toward the subject. She was always ahead of me, which also motivate me to study hard and not procrastinate as math is also my favorite subject in high school. Based on Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, I would say
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