The Most Memorable Day Of My Life

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I remember this day like it was yesterday! The most memorable day of my life was becoming an uncle! The night before, I got from work around ten and I had the next couple days off from work. So I decided to buy some pizza rolls, Red Bull, and play video games all night. That night I went to bed around 4 in the morning. Two hours later my mom got a call that will forever make the most memorable day of my entire life. At six o’clock in the morning, the most unexpected thing happened. My mother got a call from my brother Brian who lives down in West Palm Beach saying that Lindsey my sister in law is in labor and the baby is possibly due today. As soon as my mom found out, she ran out of my bed and woke up my two brothers and I. My mom barged in into my room turned on the light and told me to get up. But I didn’t understand why she wanted to get up. With the light shining bright at my face, I went back to bed. A couple minutes later my mom came yelling, “Get up! Lindsey is in labor, pack some clothes and we are leaving in 20 minutes!” When she told me that, I couldn’t believe it! It took me a minute to get it wrapped around my head. I hopped right out of bed pack a change of clothes and toiletries and we headed out the door. There we were on the road, he hoped on I 75 but something horribly went wrong, my father missed the exit to get on I 4 and he was unaware that he missed it. So we were driving for the past twenty minutes on I75 south. My dad started to question himself

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