The Most Memorable Events

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I live in a world where I determine greatness by the number of memories that remain with me as I grow older. It’s almost a sport, trying as much as possible to create all these memorable events. Everything I did, I ensured it would be something that stood out to me if I had to recall it, and eventually, I reached a point where every event in my mind was just a jumble of “stand out” moments. This, however, never stopped me from adding on to the endless list I had created. There is a fixed pattern; if you want to make something memorable, do something out of the blue. I planned out every last detail in my mind and ran through the series of events over and over till it sounded perfect to me. Executing it was the least of my worries because once you’ve got your mind set on something, it never fails to go the way you want it to. One of the more memorable events was the proposal to my wife. I remember it clearly in my mind, how I got down on one knee, how I waited while she took off the blindfold and the tears of joy that followed after. That moment led to a cascade of events soon after, creating a novel in my head. You see, it was not…show more content…
Memories can be unforgettable, traumatic experiences that shake you to the very core of your existence. However, as I have learned to plan everything out, I have only ever experienced one negative incident. Those metal bars that were stronger than my living flesh, locked me away from the glistening sun. The death threats, the nasty looks, the unforgiving guards, all because I wanted a pair of shoes. My life saw its end then, and I just hoped for eyes to shut and never open again. I cried and raged and bruised my body while slamming into those metal rods, and my mind lost all sense of clearness. Not until three months later did I see my wife’s blue eyes, holding our little baby in her arms. “I will never ever forget this,” was my only thought, angry that my own game had got the better of
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