The Most Memorable Meal Essay

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The Most Memorable Meal
As a food lover and adventurous eater, I've certainly eaten so many kinds of food from many countries around the world. And I have a lot of good and bad moments related to food. However, when you ask me about the most memorable meal that I have eaten in my life, perhaps the first thing that appears in my mind is my daddy’s soup.
It was 10 years ago, when I was just a little boy. At that time, my mom had so much work at her office and she just couldn’t come back home until 9 p.m. In my family, my mom was the only one who could prepare food and cook. So when she called my dad and said that she couldn’t come back home early to cook a meal for me and my father, we thought that we were having the biggest problem in the world. In a situation that a dad hadn’t cooked before with a son who was so hungry, I asked him “What should we do now, dad?” And my dad started turning on his laptop and said “Let me try to find some meals on the internet! I hope there will have some meals that are easy to cook”. After a while, with some meat and vegetables still in the refrigerator, he made “the riskiest” decision in his life, cooking soup.
Maybe when you hear about soup, you will think that my dad’s decision was not bad at all because soup is still an easy meal to cook. But with my dad, it was not. After his 2-hour “fighting” with food in the kitchen, banging pans and mumbling under his breath, finally, his soup was shown out. At that time, it seemed like I was…