The Most Memorable Piece Of Writing Essay

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“In order to understand rhetoric, it is necessary to understand the motivations – the purposes, needs, values, and expectations – of the rectors, that is, the people who generate it.” (Keith Grant Davie) (347) A quote from Keith Grant Davie explaining that in order to understand rhetoric you must know the writer’s purpose. Understanding the writers purpose will allow you to see different aspects of an essay than the average person would. Many different aspects play into why someone writes what they write, and that’s what makes their essay memorable. Personally, the most memorable piece of writing that I’ve ever constructed was my college essay for the University of Central Florida, and these exact aspects; exigence, context, constraints, and audience are what helped develop my essay. There are two reasons why I would consider it my most “memorable” essay. First, is because my situation helped shaped my writing by giving it a sentimental tone, thus causing the reader to have an emotional reaction. Also, considering that I don’t write a lot nor do I enjoy doing so, it was the only time I actually invested myself in my writing. The university required us to choose two topics from a list and incorporate them into an essay. This was definitely something new to me, but I knew it
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