The Most Obvious Advantage For Obamacare

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The most obvious advantage to Obamacare is that it expands “affordable” health insurance to many uninsured citizens through Medicaid, their employers, and their state’s health insurance marketplace that compares the prices for the type of health insurance an individual desires whether it is public or private. The compromise is that for these new eligible members to have access to health care, new taxes on high-wage earners must be imposed. My family and I are republican conservative and although we are not qualified as high-wage earners, $200,000 individually and $250,000 joint, we are hesitant on the idea of having to pay for others health insurance depending on the type of people. We do not know if whether higher wage earners are paying…show more content…
After having watched the Sicko documentary, it is corrupt how American citizens must be tied to health insurance companies who really do not care for your health rather for your money. To avoid the tax penalty fee you are required to at least obtain a minimum essential coverage, but the complicated idea behind this is that it must be either employer-sponsored, purchased in the Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid, veterans health coverage through the Veterans Administration, TRICARE, and so forth. By the way, veterans do not even get adequate medical coverage despite their service involving risking their lives for our safety and who are subjected to mental health problems like post-traumatic stress and many other physical ailments due to the pressures of fighting. Short term health plans, fixed benefit plans, supplemental medicare, vision only, dental only, and limited benefit plans do not qualify as minimum essential coverage. The tax penalty fee for not obtaining health insurance is a yearly fee of $95 for each adult while $47.50 for each child. As I have mentioned I am a republican conservative and I emphasize less government regulation and to me the biggest criticism I have towards this law is that it infringes our natural right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness where the government essentially controls your life as a product.
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