The Most Popular Social Movement

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Looking through the history and development of human beings when people face problems, they would like to solve them. There were many ways of solving problems, people would either kill each other to reach a goal or do trades with each other. Later, there were different levels between people, the way of people who don’t many right started to use movements to solve the problem. It is all about causing and solving problem. To discuss about this, I would like to use some modern examples to show more events and details of these movements. Let us start from 2013. Nowadays, Black lives matter (BLM) has become a very popular social movement locate in United States of America. It is an international activist movement, originating in the African-American…show more content…
They had many leaders as I mentioned above, it shows that the movement was acted in a huge area. People all over America and even outside America all attend this movement. So the result the separation of the movement is very important. Besides women were a poor, unarmed and disenfranchised class when they first organized to gain political power in the mid-1800s. They didn’t get the vote and as many power as men did, there were some of the discriminations within this. Women were not allowed to have any political powers in many situations. Like the African-American people we see today, they also didn’t get the equal right as white people as well. Which made a public anger in women’s society. And to reach a common goal in women’ society, they also wanted to vote for their leaders, Yet despite all of this, the suffrage movement was being ignored for a long period of time, and when it has not been ignored it has been substantially misrepresented. So it wasn’t a really smooth movement, because women were being ignored. Unlike today, BLM has became one of the most popular topic, and there is nobody ignored them, black is a strong group with many political and financial supports. Women’s suffrage finally succeed, women had become stronger than ever before, that’s impressive, they changed the view of point of all traditional men, and fought the right for their selves. US labor movement is the need to protect…show more content…
And their organization for this movement is called the labor union which still appears today. Unions began forming in the mid-19th century in response to the social and economic impact of the industrial revolution. National labor unions began to form in the post-Civil War Era. The Knights of Labor emerged as a major force in the late 1880s, but it collapsed because of poor organization, lack of effective leadership, disagreement over goals, and strong opposition from employers and government forces. That would happen is because didn’t had a clear idea about what they are going to reach, for BLM they have a very complete system of doing almost everything, like donation, meeting, website (internet wasn’t even well-known so they don’t have one). But the labor union didn’t. Labor unions at the turn of the nineteenth century industrialized changed America. Who worked in the factory system to replace the small shops of artisans and craftsmen work. Artisan guilds had their own organization, but the power line will drop as manufacturing replaces the artisans work. The new manufacturing workers organized trade unions. Early trade unions fail for many reasons, including the internal tensions, unable to prevent violence, social revolution and the fear of failure, won the public and authorities. As I said they were lower class of people, they were not good at forming an organization. That why the start of the
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