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Soccer remains the most popular sports worldwide. While known as soccer in the United States, it is known worldwide as association football, or just football. It is currently played by approximately 250 million individuals in over two hundred countries. The sport involves two teams with eleven members on each team. The teams must score goals with a spherical ball by passing the ball from player to player. However, the players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Rather, they must use their other body parts, such as elbows, knees, feet and even their heads to pass the ball from player to player (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2014). Since the sport involves running, jumping and other physical activity, it has a wide variety…show more content…
ACL injuries are quite common in a wide variety of sports. The ACL is one of the four principle ligaments in the human knee. It is often damaged as a result of contact sports, such as soccer, American football, basketball and baseball. When the ACL is damaged, the person often feels a “popping” sensation. The person cannot bear weight on the leg without severe pain. Furthermore, the knee tends to swell significantly within six hours of the injury (Stop Sports Injuries, n.d.). Some injuries, such as tendonitis and shin splints result because of overuse of the body part. Tendonitis is a painful condition that results when the tendon becomes inflamed. A tendon is a fibrous tissue that connects a muscle to a bone. “Shin splints” are a colloquial term that refers to pain along the front part of the tibia. The tibia is the top bone in the shin. Shin splints occur when the area is overworked. This normally occurs when an individual changes his or her training routine. Overuse of the lower extremities may also cause this (Stop Sports Injuries, n.d.). Upper extremity injuries, such as sprains, strains and even fractures, may occur when a player falls on an outstretched arm. If a person is losing his or her balance, it is common that the person will extend an arm to prevent this. However, when the upper extremity impacts the ground or other surface, it does so at a tremendous amount of pressure. Furthermore, it is attempting to

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