The Most Popular Word Of Fuck

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Out of all the words that start with an F, fuck is the only word that is considered the “F word”. There are many origins of this word, some may appear to be true due to the way we use this word in context today,but don’t be fooled, quite a few origins of this word are actually false. Fuck has taken place of many words throughout the years, but this generation is breaking tradition. I think this word will be around for a long time and sooner or later it will be part of our daily vocabulary. A study on Facebook shows that within three days, the word fuck is used over 9.5 million times, and the numbers are growing more and more each day. (“The Most Popular Swear Words on Facebook”)
The origin of fuck has been misunderstood for many years. One
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Anytime the word fuck was used before the 15th century it was used to describe a type of hit or strike during a fight. (“Etymology of Fuck”) (“On the Origin of Fuck”) The word “swive” meant to have sexual intercouse back in the day, swive was the equivalent to fuck now-a-days. The word swive came from the Middle English, but isn’t used as consistently as it was back then. Then, “shag” came in place of swive in the 18th century and used mostly by the British. Fuck was first used in the Austin Powers film, many people boycotted the film and tried to get it banned from being played in theatres, but the complaints were not upheld and the movie continued to be made. (“The Definition of Shag”)(“A Fucking Short History of the F-Word”)
There are many different meanings of the word fuck. The most commonly used definition of the word fuck is to "ruin or damage” which is used as a verb. An example of the word fuck used in context would be “Oh fuck! I just stubbed my toe!” The second most commonly used definition is “to have sexual intercourse with someone” in which the word is also used as a verb but, on occasions, it can also be used as a noun. An example the sexual version of fuck used as a verb in a sentence is, “I would fuck Libby, if I wasn’t married to Martha.” Fuck can also be used as a noun, when used as a noun it is an act of sexual intercourse. An example of the noun version of the word fuck is, “Caroline and I had a fuck in my
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