The Most Problematic Crimes That Are Polluting Italy 's Criminal Justice System

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The most problematic crimes that are polluting Italy’s criminal justice system is corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, and illegal immigration. Corruption creates a fertile ground for organized criminal activities, even terrorism, as criminals are aided in their illegal activities by the complicity of corrupt public officials. If left unchecked, corruption will undermine political, social and economic stability, ultimately threatening the safety and security of society as a whole. Political parties are considered the most corrupted institution in Italy, followed by parliament and legislature and police. According to Transparency International (2015) survey on global corruption, 64% of people feel that their…show more content…
Compared to other countries, Italy is equally corrupted as Brazil, Greece, Bulgaria, and Swaziland (Transparency International, 2015). “Italy total crime is the 4th highest in Europe and it has one of the highest percentages of crime victims with 24.5% of its population claiming to be victims. Italians have one of the lowest rates of faith in their police force, with just 54% stating they believe in police efficiency and 65% claiming it’s not safe to walk alone at night” (NationMaster, 2015). The safety concerns for the tourists and locals are at a low because of police corruption and bribery, and that police are not taking some of the crimes that are being reported seriously. In Italy, U.S. citizens are less likely to be a victim of a violent crime, but they will fall victim of pickpocketing, purse snatching, residential and car break-ins in populated Italian tourist destinations (Overseas Security Advisory Council, 2015).
Italy’s international police is responsible for protecting the boarder for illegal trafficking and domestic crime. The Interpol National Center Bureau (NCB), which is party of Italy international police Cooperation Service (SCIP), has “two divisions within SCIP that focus on fighting crime such as organized crime, terrorism, illegal immigration, drugs, missing persons, environmental crime, property crime, and wanted fugitives” (Interpol, 2015). Organized crime has been a major problem in Italy for a number of years. Organized
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