The Most Prominent Artists Of Spain

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Over the years, Spain has produced many significant figures. From sports, to politics, many renowned people have had their meager beginnings in this eastern European country. Some of the greatest, however, were the artists. Not only did Spaniards create beautiful paintings, but they also birthed entirely new sects in the art culture. Although innumerable world famous painters have been Spanish, three of the most prominent artists were Diego de Velázquez, Francisco Goya, and Pablo Picasso. The first of these great painters was Diego de Velázquez. Born in Seville, Spain, in 1599, Velázquez possessed great talent in the realm of art. His parents recognized this, and at the young age of eleven, he was apprenticed to Francisco Pacheco, a talented local artist. For the next six years, Velázquez studied under this man, learning the trade, and perfecting the style of Pacheco himself. Here Velázquez learned to look to nature for inspiration and enlightenment, a value which he held close throughout his whole career, which is evident in his paintings. In 1617, after his six years of apprenticeship were completed, Velázquez set up his own studio, in which he painted primary religious works and portraits, but also bodegones, portrayals of kitchens. A year later, Pacheco offered his daughter, Juana, as a wife for Velázquez. Now the son-in-law of his greatest teacher, Velázquez pursued a career as a religious painter. After painting a portrait of the Count-Duke of Olivares, he gained

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