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The Most Tragic Character in Medea by Euripides Medea is the story of an estranged woman who wishes to seek revenge on her husband (who has left her for another woman) by poisoning his new wife. This, however, is made more difficult when the King of the land, Creon, tells Medea to leave, mainly because he is scared of her. She appeals to him for one more day to sort things out, and uses persuasion by making him feel pity for her when she says "This one day let me stay, to settle some plans for my exile…since their own father is not concerned to help them. Show some pity: you are a father too…their fate is very hard". Medea tells the Chorus, a group of women from Corinth that this one…show more content…
He finds her, but Medea is set for Athens, they both argue about whose fault this is, both blaming each other. There is nothing Jason can do, and before Medea leaves she predicts an embarrassing death for him. It would be fair to say that, like all tragedies, the characters in this story all have some sort of tragedy throughout. The Nurse and the tutor, firstly experience tragedy because their mistress, Medea is so upset at the beginning of the play that she wishes to kill herself. The Nurse expresses her sadness saying, "It was too much, I couldn't bear it; I had to come Out here and tell my mistress's wrongs to Earth and heaven". The tutor also expresses his concern when he hears of rumours at the fountain of Peirene (a holy fountain) that his mistress and her sons are to be banished from the land they live in. They would also be upset when they hear of the death of Medea's two sons, as they certainly would have been with their family since the children's births. However, their grief/tragedy in this story is not as big as the other more central characters in this story i.e. Medea and Jason. The other lesser characters experience grief/tragedy throughout the story as well. Aegeus, for example, even though he is king of Athens he is in fact childless, a big disappointment for him because he has no son as his heir,

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