The Most Traumatic Event Of The 20th Century

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The Most Traumatic Event of the 20th Century The Holocaust is known as one of the darkest side and one of the most vast hardships in the 20th century. “Holocaust,” comes from the Greek words, “holos” and “kaustos.” The word, “holos,” means whole and the word, “kaustos,” means burned. It was historically used to illustrate a sacrificial offering of the burning on an altar. Ever since 1945, this word has been taken to a whole other level. Today, the meaning behind this word is the universal murder of 6 million Jews ("The Holocaust"). In 1933, more than 60% of the world’s Jewish population lived in Europe. In a little more than a decade, most of Europe would be conquered by the Nazis and every two out of three would be…show more content…
By 1950, the population in Europe reduced to 45,000 (“Jewish Population of Europe in 1945”). Throughout Europe, there has been a drastic decline in our world’s population of Jewish people. In 1939, there were approximately 9.5 million Jews in Europe. By the end of WW2, in 1945, the population in Europe had shrunk to 3.8 million. As of 2010, there were about 14 million Jews, but it continues to be a smaller amount than before the Holocaust had taken place. In the decades that have passed since 1945, the Jewish population is still declining. In 1960, it was estimated at about 3.2 million, by 1991, it fell to 2 million, and now there about 1.4 million Jews in Europe (Lipka). Poland was not the only place in Europe that was affected by the Holocaust. Other places that were affected were UK, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, and the Former Soviet Union. In Eastern Europe, 1939, there were 4.7 million Jews. In 1945, there were 859,000 Jews, and in 2010, there was only 70,000. In the Soviet Union, there was 3.4 million in ‘39. In 1945, there was 2 million and now there is only 310,000. In the United Kingdom, 1939, there was 345,000. As recorded in 1945, there was 350,000, but in 2010 it dropped back down to 280,000 total. In France, 1939, there was 320,000 Jews, but by 1945, there was 180,000. Surprisingly, the population there was raised to 310,000. Finally, in Germany 1939, there was 195,000. By the time the war ended, there was only 45,000!
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